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Our programming created for local workplaces, college campuses, and other community spaces aim to address the pervasive issue of domestic and sexual violence in spaces where they may be unseen, overlooked, and, in some cases, normalized. Safe Connections continually strives to prevent and end domestic and sexual violence in the Greater St. Louis area through community education.

Creating Healthy Relationships: Domestic and Sexual Violence 101

Relationship, domestic, and sexual violence often happens in secret and can be difficult to spot and/or talk about with loved ones. In this workshop, participants will discuss what domestic, intimate partner, and sexual violence are and why folks stay in dangerous situations and/or relationships.

Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light: Unpacking Rape Culture and Consent

A few years after the start of the #metoo movement, communities and individuals are still discussing how to prevent sexual abuse and violence and support survivors. This workshop highlights how culture and mindsets can lead to sexual violence. Participants will discuss consent and how to contribute to a world free of sexual violence.

We’re All In This Together – Supporting Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence

It can be difficult to know when loved ones are experiencing or have experienced relationship, domestic, and/or sexual violence. This workshop will discuss possible warning signs for violence and how to support survivors.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Employees may have attended sexual harassment trainings, but does any person know what sexual harassment is and if it is a big deal? This workshop will unpack myths on sexual harassment, and it will discuss how to support survivors of sexual harassment and/or abuse.

Supporting Survivors in The Workplace (General or Management Track)

It can be difficult to discuss abuse and violence in the workplace, much less supporting a survivor. This workshop will discuss possible warning signs for violence and how to support survivors. General employee or management tracks are offered for this training.

Beyond Rainbow Flags: Supporting LGBTQ+ Survivors

According to research, a large percentage of LGTBQ+ individuals experience relationship, domestic, or sexual violence. However, it can be difficult to discuss experiences and/or seek support. This workshop covers briefly LGTBQ+ terminology and domestic and sexual violence and how to support LGTBQ+ survivors.

Other (Examples: Clothes Line Project, In Their Shoes, Health Fairs, Theater and/or Performance Arts, etc.)

Safe Connections is committed to supporting the community by bringing awareness of relationship, domestic and sexual violence through a variety of different events and efforts. Previous Safe Connections events have included: Clothes Line Project, In Their Shoes, participating in Health Fairs, supporting guests attending Vagina Monologues, etc. If you have an event or project that you believe would benefit from Safe Connections’ support or educational information, even outside the above, our Community Education team will be happy to explore more.

Workshops and presentations will be provided on a sliding scale. Non-profits or qualifying businesses may receive workshop at little to no-cost. To schedule a consultation, fill out the form at the link below. A member of the Community Education team will contact you within 5-10 business days.