Individual Therapy

Safe Connections offers individual therapy free of charge to adults and youth of all genders ages 12+ who have experienced rape, domestic or dating abuse (physical, sexual or emotional), sex trafficking, and/or childhood sexual abuse. Compassionate and highly specialized, master’s degree-level therapists help victims reclaim their lives as survivors. Additionally, clients partner with their therapists to build stability, improve mental/physical health, and create greater safety for violence-free futures. We provide services in person, at our office on Hampton Avenue and, for youth, in area schools and community locations and virtually using telehealth.

Please contact Safe Connections directly to schedule an initial assessment interview. For emergency assistance or additional community resources, please call our Crisis Helpline.


For adult or adolescent therapy, please call 314.646.7500 x118.

If you are interested in having an Adolescent Therapist provide on-site services at your school or community location, please contact our Adolescent Clinical Manager, Tammy Eberle, at 314.646.7500 x116.

We do not accept insurance or payment from clients. Therefore, clients and counselors decide together the frequency and duration of therapy to best benefit the client.


If language interpretation services are needed, please let us know and we will work with you to help you access Safe Connections services and programs. The Lead Institute in Columbia, Missouri is another resource for those who are Deaf / hard of hearing and also face issues of domestic violence or sexual assault.