Support Services

Safe Connections provides groups, classes and workshops for adults and youth of all genders ages 12+ who have experienced rape, domestic or dating abuse, sex trafficking, and/or childhood sexual abuse. Through these group programs, clients receive professional guidance and peer social support in a safe environment. Additionally, group services are open to survivors of all genders and all support services are free of charge.

Enroll in a Group

Current clients contact Ciara at 314.646.7500 x118.

To become a client and schedule an appointment for assessment, please contact our intake office at 314.646.7500 x118. For more information or intake forms, see our Get Help page.

Teen Groups

DBT-Informed Skills Group
Thursdays, 6-7:00 p.m.
  • Learn skills to increase mindfulness, tolerate distress, regulate emotions and become more effective in relationships in this group. This group uses five 6-week modules. Participants are required to have an individual therapist (can be an outside therapist or Safe Connections therapist). Some parent/guardian participation is required.

Teen groups take place either at our Hampton office or virtually with telehealth.

Level 1 Groups for Adults

Level 1 groups are primarily psycho-educational—a way to gain knowledge and new skills in a safe, supportive setting. Information provided in these groups is intended to empower survivors to understand their experiences as well as learn strategies for moving forward. Also, groups may be a supplement to individual therapy or can be a sole intervention.

Dynamics of Relationship Violence
This program is for those who have experienced abuse, harm, and/or violence in their relationships. It explores the definitions of abuse, the effects of domestic violence on self and family, ways of coping with abuse, and identify abusive behaviors.

Building Healthy Relationships
This group is for those who have experienced abuse and are interested in learning more about relationship dynamics, boundaries, and expectations. The group explores ways to enhance social and intimate relationships, maintain healthy boundaries and define healthy relationships.

Building Effective Communication Skills
This group includes information and discussion about communication styles, ways to approach negative feelings, and ways to use communication to support your personal goals.

Healing Through Art
Designed especially for trauma survivors, Healing Through Art uses creative and inventive ways to understand, manage, and transform the effects of trauma. Also, projects using art and dialogue focus on personal safety, difficult feelings, as well as understanding trauma’s effects on relationships. Art experience is not necessary for this group.

A group about the most important person you’ll ever be in a relationship with—you! Explore who you are and how you and others see and experience you. Learn about self-compassion and the value of self-care.

Understanding Trauma
A group formed for survivors who are beginning to learn about and explore the relationship between their traumatic past and their current life patterns. Designed to help survivors understand the impact of trauma they have experienced—participants learn what trauma is, how it affects the brain and how it impacts their lives and relationships.

Level 2 Groups for Adults

Due to the complexity of issues addressed in these groups, participants receive individual therapy with Safe Connections or another agency of their choice. Additionally, participants must be stable in their symptoms, have some positive coping skills and have already learned information about trauma and how it affects them.

Trauma Recovery Group
The Trauma Recovery Group is an evidence-based group treatment for survivors of interpersonal trauma. Additionally, this group is for survivors who have basic safety and stability in present-day life and are working on the more enduring ways that trauma has harmed their self-perception as well as relationships. Participants can process some aspect of their trauma history and how it currently affects them in a safe and structured setting.

All of the above groups and classes are available for adults who are clients at Safe Connections and those who choose to complete our assessment process.