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Like Mother, Like Daughter: Ending Gender-based Violence

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Posted On: November 24, 2014

Meet Marie and Meaghan Carroll

Marie Carroll and her daughter Meaghan Carroll care deeply about empowering women and ending domestic abuse and sexual assault.  They have been supporting Safe Connections together for more than a decade. A retired Anheuser-Busch vice president, Marie has supported Safe Connections with two stints on the Board of Directors and 25 years of service.

Meaghan is now an undergraduate student at Bradley University and Marie relocated to Philadelphia this summer to be closer to family and friends. Despite geography, Marie and Meaghan are committed to remaining leading philanthropists at Safe Connections for years to come. As founding members of our Leadership Giving Society, Marie and Meagan are investing $100,000 in Safe Connections during the next five years. Here’s a look at what makes them tick.

Q&A with Marie and Meaghan Carroll

How long have you been supporting Safe Connections?

Marie: I have been a volunteer and donor with Safe Connections since 1989.

Meaghan: I have been volunteering at Safe Connections since I was in 6th grade, that’s 2006.

What advice would you give to other folks trying to decide how to choose what charities to support?

Marie: You need to believe in the mission of the organization before you invest in it. You also need to be sure that the organization is well run, so that you contribution will have a lasting impact.

Why should women specifically become involved in ongoing charitable giving?

Marie: Historically, men have held the purse strings directing where foundation and corporate donations are applied. While that is slowly changing, I feel it is important for women with the means to do so to become philanthropists. I believe that we must strive for a more, just, equitable and sustainable world. By combining advocacy with philanthropy, you can help make a difference.

Why do you put ending domestic and sexual violence at the center of your philanthropic giving?

Marie: Domestic and sexual violence is a major public health issue that until recently has been largely ignored.

Meaghan: I think it’s important because as a college student I am at a greater risk for something like this to happen to me or someone I love.

What’s it like having this philanthropic passion in common with your mom/daughter?

Marie: Meaghan and I have many shared values so it is not surprising that we share the passion for supporting Safe Connections. Together, we can have a bigger impact than alone.

Meaghan: For me, I grew up with Safe Connections. I remember when I was in middle school and I asked my mom why Safe Connections meant so much to her she told me that as the mother of a middle school aged daughter she knew the chances of me or one of my friends being a victim of rape or domestic violence and that those statistics worried her.

What are your favorite memories of supporting Safe Connections?

Marie:  I have enjoyed getting to know the staff and volunteers at Safe Connections. One of my favorite Safe Connections events is the Together Brunch, which I often attend with my daughter Meaghan. It is the perfect blend of fun, philanthropy, and learning.

Meaghan: I agree with mom the Together brunches are a very special way to spread the work of Safe Connections, but my fondest memories will always be my internship.

For information on joining the Leadership Giving Society, please contact Cynthia at 314.646.7500 x101.

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