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A Fresh Start

When Young Love Turns Into Abuse Young love.  Ashley imagined all the promises her relationship had to offer, but she never imagined having to plan her escape. Her story begins here. Ashley’s romantic high school partner turned out to be controlling and abusive, and her life turned grim quickly….

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Wedding Vows and Domestic Violence

A former Safe Connections Crisis Helpline volunteer recounted that while at work at the photo counter of a local retailer, a young woman approached to pick up her new wedding pictures. The young woman’s face was marked by dark bruises,…

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Angie’s Story

Angie* grew up in an unsafe home where the main rule was, “Don’t upset Mom.” If mom got upset, Angie’s stepdad doled out the beatings. Angie married and left home as soon as she could manage it. Unfortunately, the charming…

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